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I got the idea of my blog “One hundred dares”, while I was taking a course in strategy for my MBA degree at the University of Vancouver. Usually the professor gives the lecture, but this time he invited a speaker. I had many questions for that man, but I didn’t want to ask him in front of the audience because I believed that not many people would be interested and I didn’t want to take time from the lecture. I invited the speaker for a cup of coffee after the meeting and he agreed to meet with me. I didn’t expect him to agree because I knew that he is a busy man but to my surprise he showed enthusiasm to chat with me. We met, and I got many insights after.
After having that conversation, I decided to start a blog and invite people who I was inspired by for the interview. That’s how a project “One hundred dares” was born.
I’m planning to talk to one hundred people and write a book about how these conversations changed my life.

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