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Should I Marry my Computer?

Have you ever heard of the Turing test? Alan Turing was the father of modern computing. In 1951, he proposed that if a person had to guess if he was interacting with a human or a machine, and he was wrong at least half the time, then he couldn’t tell the difference between a human […]

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The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page st. Augustine

Shelley Komarov : “Know Thyself”

I am always inspired by those who take a chance on a decision that has the potential to radically change their potential lives. In my project Those Who Dare, I aim to explore this subject through interviews with successful people. Shelley Komarov fits the bill without a doubt. At the age of 16 she courageously […]

How to use Agile tools to manage personal planning

Having started working closely with Agile and Scrum in IT projects, I discovered that the principles and values that are used for team development of software are also suitable for working with personal projects. What is Agile at work? Agile is the decomposition of a large project into small stages, testing hypotheses, experimenting and working […]

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